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Allow us to be your North Star and set your course to success. Learn who we are, and how we help

Who We Are and
How We Help You

Allow us to be your North Star and set your course to success.

About the Firm

Great Plans Financial Management is more than just a financial advisory firm; it’s a community of experts committed to guiding individuals and businesses towards financial success and well-being. Founded on principles of integrity, trust, and personalized service, our Cary, NC-based firm has become a beacon for those seeking financial clarity and growth.

Our location in Cary places us in the heart of a thriving economic landscape, allowing us to connect with our clients on a local level while providing services that resonate on a global scale. From our welcoming offices, we foster relationships that go beyond mere financial transactions, prioritizing your goals and dreams.

With an unswerving commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering our clients, Great Plans Financial Management stands as a symbol of quality, empathy, and strategic financial guidance. We invite you to explore what we offer and to discover how we can make your financial aspirations a living reality.

Who We Serve

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and business owners are the backbone of our economy, and we honor their relentless pursuit of success. At Great Plans, we understand the unique financial dynamics that come with running a business. From retirement planning strategies to succession planning, our services are designed to support and amplify your business growth, ensuring financial stability for both your company and your personal life.


Retirement is a new beginning, a time to relish the fruits of your labor. We believe your golden years should be spent in comfort, pursuing your passions and connecting with loved ones. Our personalized retirement planning strategies cater to your unique lifestyle needs, ensuring you have the financial freedom to enjoy this precious phase of life without worry or compromise.

Higher Wealth / Income Individuals​

Accumulating wealth is a significant achievement. Our mission is to help you preserve and grow that wealth in alignment with your values and goals. By offering sophisticated investment and tax planning solutions, we cater to the complex needs of high net worth individuals, ensuring that your financial decisions resonate with your life’s vision.


Family is at the heart of everything, and we know that taking care of your loved ones is your priority. We’re here to support that mission, providing comprehensive financial planning tailored to your family’s needs and dreams. Whether it’s funding education, securing a family home, or ensuring a legacy for generations to come, we stand by you as your financial partners in life’s journey.

Our Advisor Team

David Fruchter

With extensive credentials and a passion for helping clients thrive, David Fruchter is a trusted financial ally. His vast experience across investment, tax, and financial planning equips him to understand your unique financial landscape, translating intricate details into actionable strategies.

Jim Baudreau

Known as the “retire guy,” Jim Baudreau’s expertise in retirement planning is both profound and personal. With a human-centric approach, Jim guides you through the retirement planning process with empathy and insight, ensuring your retirement years are filled with joy and financial peace of mind.

Our Advisory Process

At Great Plans Financial Management, our advisory process is grounded in understanding, empathy, and tailored solutions. We start by listening to you, learning about your aspirations, concerns, and unique financial landscape. Our team then crafts personalized strategies, leveraging our collective expertise to guide you towards your financial goals. With continuous communication and a commitment to transparency, we ensure you’re always informed and confident in your financial journey. From initial consultation to ongoing support, our process is designed with one thing in mind – your success and well-being.

Why Choose
Great Plans Capital Management?

Our allegiance to your financial prosperity extends beyond singular consultation sessions. We extend ongoing support and a wealth of educational tools to help you maintain momentum and steadily advance towards your objectives.

Tailored Financial Solutions

At Great Plans Financial Management, we appreciate the uniqueness of each client’s financial scenario. Our team of seasoned financial consultants invests time in understanding your specific goals, potential hurdles, and aspirations. This intimate insight enables us to design tailor-made financial strategies that resonate with your objectives and dreams. Our modus operandi ensures the delivery of personalized advice that is specifically molded to your unique circumstances.

Client Transparency

We place paramount importance on transparency and trust within our client relationships. Our advocacy for candid and frank communication guarantees that you have a lucid comprehension of our suggestions and the rationale behind them. By forging a robust trust-based foundation, we aspire to cultivate enduring associations with our clients, aiding them throughout their financial odysseys year after year.